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Shoya Ishida

Shoya Ishida: Intro

Shoya Ishida, in Japanese named as Ishida Shoya and he is the male character of the anime and manga series, Koe no Katachi. He has lived a solitary and a lone wolf life after being blamed himself for the sole harassing and bullying of the Shoko Nishimiya at the time in the elementary school. After six years later when he meets Nishimiya again and befriending her, he then starts to gather new friends together, along with old ones which he had during elementary school times. Despite being all the changes in his life, Ishida still struggles all the times to make up for what he did in the past with all. 

Shoya Ishida: Personality

Shoya Ishida During the grade school loves to go on a voluntary and a self-imposed trips and e adventure and likes to play a lot, and in what he explained as the battle against his boredom. He Always loves to play prank with all the living things and the kids around him. The time when Nishimiya transferred to his class, Ishida became more underhanded as he always bullied Nishimiya, which got resulted him in receiving the scolding from his schoolteacher eventually.

After that Shoya has became the fall-guy for the bullying and mocking of  Shoko Nishimiya, he got secluded from everyone’s eye and due to all that he became a very introvert person. He was literally filled with the regret for that all the bully and things that he did to the Nishimiya, and then started to competent the others. Ishida also slowly grew the hate for everyone and started seeing them as pretenders for him, such as the Mashiba- for who he thoughts that the brown-coloured hair doesn’t suit him, or Miki Kawai- for calling her a hypocrite person though initially, and it was not surely a complete lie. Above all the things, Ishida hated himself the most for having bad thoughts about everyone else who is around him.

The time when the Shoya reunites with Nishimiya in high school grade, Ishida eventually starts to gain a lot of friends, and started to hang out and laugh more. Throughout this wholetime, he has his only objective is to give Nishimiya back all the happiness that he once took from her and helps her find all the old friends she once had earlier. Even after with these acts of the kindness, Ishida still struggles in moving on in life when he remembers all of his earlier mistakes and the isolation that he followed. Instead of getting mad at someone, later on, Ishida usually is the first one to always apologize for his own actions and thinks that he doesn’t have the right to do so. Shoya’s admitted to Tomohiro Nagatsuka that he became the way he is now is all because of one person that is Nishimiya.


Shoya Ishida

that shown to be grown backward and he has small dark-green coloured irises. When Shoya is in casual clothes, he is usually seen in a black shirt with the tag sticking out in the shirt t at the back and has six pocket khaki pants, or sometimes he wears a long pants. Shoya has a very tall height compared to rest of his classmates and stands out in tallest height compared to everyone.

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