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Students from elite families from political & business spheres attend Kakegurui Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school (Uniform). It serves as the primary setting in Kakegurui and is the school attended by Yumeko, Ryota, & Mary.

Setting: Kakegurui Uniform

In Japan, Kakegurui Hyakkaou Private Academy had been established 122 years ago, and for many years following that time, pupils from influential families in the financial and political spheres attended. It’s a school where pupils are judged on their social position rather than their academic performance or athletic accomplishments. This is due to the fact that those who are meant to have control over others do not need to participate in studies or extracurricular activities. They value having a strong understanding of victory and the ability to read an opponent, skills that they must demonstrate and acquire through gambling.

Uniform: Kakegurui Uniform

After winning a bet from the previous student council president two years before to the start of this season, Kirari Momobami broke with school tradition by inventing the Housepet structure to support an already-existing caste structure. Due to the pet system, there was more prejudice amongst students: there are some who weren’t adept at gambling were ridiculed, repressed, and treated like housepets. The winners were praised in the meantime.

Kakegurui Hyakkaou
Kakegurui Uniform: A class act

As a result of the school’s lack of emphasis on academic achievement and athletic prowess, Hyakkaou Private School doesn’t have a particularly strict dress code. For instance, Erimi Mushibami as well as Yuriko Nishinotoin do not really dress in the required uniform. Additionally, Rei Batsubami, a girl, wore the male uniform despite being a boy.

Ties And Jackets: Kakegurui Uniform

A red jacket with gold buttons and a white long-sleeved button-down shirt make up the outfit. The girls dress in a grey skirt and black cross-tie, while the guys have a black tie & grey slacks. Some students choose to use the clothing code in various ways because it doesn’t seem to be as strict: Ibara Obami is seen with a tie but keeps his blazer open, his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, and his pants are folded down to his knees. Jun Kiwatari does not wear a tie and his jacket is left open. Sachiko Juraku was wearing a conventional tie rather than a cross tie.

Shirts: Kakegurui Uniform

The long-sleeved shirt & blazer are swapped out for short sleeves throughout the summer. The bishop sleeve on Kirari’s outfit has the shoulder cut off. Students who are “non-cooperative” or who have debt they cannot afford are identified by a pet tag that hangs around their neck.


The majority wear skirts in a variety of sizes. A few girls, like Nanami Tsubomi & Sayaka Igarashi, wear their skirts slightly above the knee, but the majority wear their skirts mid-thigh.

Some students, such as Kurumi Kurume & Midari Ikishima, choose to forgo blazers in favour of red sleeveless vests; in addition, the first student doesn’t wear a crossing tie and wears her shirt open long enough to show a significant portion of her bust & bra. Another illustration is Chitose Inui, who wears a crimson bow.


Since many girls have various types of socks, there is no set style that all ladies must wear when wearing the uniform. For instance, Itsuki wears black socks featuring star designs on the side, while Runa wears striped socks.

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