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Tall Aesthetics

Tall Aesthetic: The buildings that reach incredible heights and seem to stretch on forever are among the most amazing examples of modern marvels. Sometimes they are office buildings, sometimes they are residential structures, and occasionally they are a blend of office space, residential units, and even hotel rooms. Modern architecture is an illustration of how technological design has advanced over time. In order to address the lack of space and the population boom, taller buildings are being constructed. Modern buildings are taller, more intelligent overall, more effective, and sustainable.

Here are 5 top aesthetic tall buildings in the world

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the highest building not just there, but on earth. Since the year 2010, this notable, mixed-use building with hotels, executive suites, dining areas, and observation decks has held the title of highest skyscraper in the world. The design serves as the best illustration of an inventive structural system. To combat the wind force on the building as one rises higher, it is composed of structural steel and concrete and has a flower-like pattern.

Merdeka 118, Malaysia

Merdeka 118, also referred to as KL 118 or the Warisan Merdeka Tower, is the highest skyscraper in Malaysia as well as the second-tallest building on Earth. This massive building is a 118-story tower known as the Merdeka; as a result, it is close to the Stadium Merdeka. In addition to a shopping centre, offices, hotels and restaurants, observation decks, residential units, and Marete, the tower is a mixed-use building. The glass façade of the tower is formed like a diamond (To showcase Malaysian diversity). The building has reached the last stage of construction (it is currently 95% finished).

Shanghai Tower

China’s Shanghai Tower, the third-tallest structure in the world, with a height of 2,073 feet. The construction of this remarkable tower started in 1997 but was constantly postponed due to financial limitations.  At a phenomenal speed of 20.5 meters per second, the tower’s elevator was the second-fastest in the entire globe. One of the most stunning structures in the world is Shanghai Tower, which is owned by the Shanghai City Government and designed by the international firm Gensler.

The skyscraper, which has 128 storeys and as many as 270 wind turbines, is situated in Pudong’s business area.

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

Tall Aesthetic

At 120 floors and a height of 1,972 feet, the Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower is currently the third-tallest building in the world, trailing only China’s Shanghai Tower. Construction of the Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower began in 2004 and was completed in just under six years.  This fourth-tallest structure in the world, built by the Lebanese architects Dar Al-Handasah, is also renowned for being the most costliest building in the world, wi

th a construction cost of an astounding $15 billion. The edifice, which sprawls across a massive 1,500,000 m2, is also the largest building in the world in terms of floor space.

Ping An Finance Center

It houses offices and is the fifth-tallest structure in the world. It is not a house or apartment. The structure is located in a China business district. In 2017, the building’s construction was finished. The tower, which has 100 office floors above the podium for shopping and conferences and can house 15,500 people, will also have 9,000 daily visitors to its observation deck. The tower is stable at ground level because to eight stone mega-columns with diagonal bracing.

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