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Female Aesthetic

With apparel that can express who you are, you can show off your sense of fashion and personality in a variety of ways – Female Aesthetic. Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Dua Lipa are just a few iconic supermodels, influencers, and artists who frequently exhibit their appreciation for the e-girl and baddie aesthetic. There are so many diverse types, such as Soft Girls, Dark Academy, and Femboys. Fashion aesthetics are receiving more attention than ever because to the recent resurgence of Instagram and Pinterest.  With Y2K trend coming back, Gen Z isn’t hesitating to show off their unique sense of style while honoring past trends.


A modest, attractive cottage by the river, a wonderful setting surrounded by gardens, and a soft silky nightgown are all examples of this style.  Cottagecore is, in fact, this unadulterated ecstasy. Young adults or teenagers who romanticise rural life and simply living in nature are the ones who first proposed and supported the notion. You can easily get the look by dressing in a flowing cream midi-dress, leaving your hair loose, and adding a bow to match the style’s homey feel.

Soft girl

Female Aesthetic

Soft girls favour pastel colours and colourful, adorable accessories. Soft pinks, lavenders, and purples with pleated skirts, fuzzy sweaters, cardigan vests, and florals are typical colours for soft-girl attire. The basic idea is to convey a pleasant, serene mood. Chunky boots, statement accessories, and black baguette purses are a few contemporary variations that feature contrasting forms and patterns.


Bringing back the rock period of the 1980s and 1990s, when  flannel shirts and jeans were the norm. Many dark silhouettes and mixed prints are embraced by the grunge aesthetic, along with a lot of mesh clothing, bulky combat boots, and chokers, particularly layered ones. This equation might be further enhanced by including a guitar in the background while taking pictures with one of those old film reel cameras. If the camera is not available, Polaroid can always be used. Also know about aesthetic pictures.


Although the meaning of the term “indie” has changed throughout time, its fundamental meaning has not changed. The alternative fashion that is associated with the indie aesthetic celebrates independence and uniqueness. Dark colours and large flannels are a thing of the past thanks to this style, which updates early 2000s design elements. Consider clunky shoes, cropped graphic t-shirts, flared high-waisted denim, and bucket hats. In essence, it combines significant components of early 2000s bright design with skateboard culture from the 1990s. If you employ the oversaturated filters on your Instagram photos, bonus points.

Baddie aesthetic

Female Aesthetic

The baddie aesthetic, which predominates mostly on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, has a wide range of sub-aesthetics. Several of them have distinct aesthetics, such as Y2K, luxury, and Insta baddies. This aesthetic draws largely on African American fashion and has strong ties to prominent influencers and celebrities including Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat. Oversized streetwear, body-con short dresses, and bodysuits—often with fabric cutouts—are iconic examples of this style. Hair is frequently long and straight, and retro accessories such as big hoops, gold chains, and du-rags are worn.

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