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Jazmine Dubois

Jazmine Dubois: Intro

Jazmine Dubois is one of the two tritagonists of the swim animated television series that is the boondocks. Dubois is one of the biracial daughters of the Sarah and Tom Dubois, who are white and black respectively. Jazmine is portrayed as a very sweet naive and a decent little girl, who is in the strong contrast to all the rude and cynical people who is surround her, but most prominently with her neighbour and friend Huey freeman. In the comic series, Jazmine mixed radical ancestry fuels a huge deal of her personal insecurities.

However, the aspect of her characteristic and personality trait is much less important and prominent in the animated series.

Jazmine Dubois: Personality

In the animated television series Jazmine Dubois is shown to have a very wide-eyed and emotional and sometime to the point of being so melodramatic. In fact, Jazmine first word on the screen is ‘terrorists have my daddy’ and she yelled at Huey after Tom has failed to come home on time in ‘a date with a health inspector’. Overall, the series Jasmine is a very naive but benevolent and very considerate person. Her childishness reflects her personality like in Huey freeman Christmas, where she conflates with a Santa Claus and Jesus or in ‘the real’ where she is shown to still believe in the tooth fairy.

This is also a McGruder satirising the unseen effect of the parent’s lies on the children. However, Jazmine also describes that she believes in the God and also pray when she wants something or is afraid of. Her kindness nature is most often shown through her interaction with the Huey freeman. Despite being his, mean-spirited and pessimistic attitude and ego still she always remains supportive and friendly with him. Jasmine enthusiastically applauds Huey’s play that is ‘black Jesus’ and assist him with the number of his various schemes. She always compliments him on the several occasions expressing faith in his talent and intelligence even no one else does.

Crucial Info

Jazmine is also displayed as an animal lover. In the comics series, she described that she aspires to be a veterinarian even though she is allergic to cats.  It is also hinted at in ‘the fundraiser’ when she donates the fund to PETA. Jazmine may also be a vegetarian or vegan, given that she seems to be believed that ‘fried chicken is a murder’.

Jazmine Dubois

As in the comic series, Jazmine has trouble while accepting the fact that she is biracial. She also stated that she resent racial categories and feels very alone about being the only mix child in the neighbourhood. Jazmine also got seem to have an internalized European standard of beauty, as she also wishes that her hair was straight instead of being puffy. Her qualms are later on exacerbated by her father’s many attempts to straighten her hair but her mother’s refusal to label her race. She got very much offended when Huey insists her that she is black and has an Afro. In one of the comics strips, she even claims that it is very mean things to say that she has a ‘good hair’ that’s just a little frizzy.

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