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Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami study at Hyakkaou Private Academy, who is second-year transfer student. She is the main leading character of Kakegurui -Compulsive Gambler. She looks like goddess, she is tall, beautiful girl with long black hair with home-cut style, and burgundy eyes, whenever she is excited or thrilled her eye ball colour change to red, her pink glossed lips and a curvy figure make her look like absolute diva.

Attire Of Yumeko Jabami

Talking about attire she wore in Kakegurui, is a standard uniform of her school, which consist red blazer with black cuffs and collar, white button-up dress shirt with tie, black stocking and brown loafers. further adding red nails and ring to thumb, making her look badass, yet formal for look for school. Entire school outfit serves her figure.

Personality: Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami in the anime series show as very cheerful and charismatic person who can easily make friends or attracts the affection, in other word interest of people around her, making her centre of attention, she befriends those who disliked her previously with her personality. She is everyday centre of attention in the school. Whenever she sees her opponent cheating in the game, her personality changes dangerously, her eye balls turn red which intimidate and frightens her opponent.

Yumeko don’t like to show this side of her, most of the time she avoids. she uses her perceptiveness to reveal her classmates’ cheating, she can do this in couple of around of gambling. She understands their tricks and next move and beat them, she chose honesty over politeness in such cases. Though she is typically very friendly and sweet. Yumeko Jabami eyes are indeed famous and her cosplay is also very famous.

She feels delighted whenever someone supports her or encourage her for gambling, even though she is well aware that her way of gambling doesn’t follow normal conduct.  Yumeko has no sympathy for people whom she has defeated and ruined in a gamble, she knows that her behaviour is immoral and wicked, though sometimes she feels guilty for her incapability to sympathize with people who she has defeated and ruined. It does show an art of anime aesthetic.


Yumeko transferred to Hyakkaou Private Academy in second year and her classmate Rota Suzui showed her around the school and Ryota tells her about the school in which Yumeko seemed interested in, she became popular in school as she is surrounded by her male classmates. She is was challenged by Mary Saotome for a gambling match and she accepts it. She seemed losing one million yen in the first two round of the match.

Yumeko Jabami

Ryota become friend with Yumeko, next day of school, Ryota takes Yumeko to cafeteria and explains repressive nature and structure of the school and student council and their gambling prowess., by hearing this her love for the school increased more. Yumeko plays close game and lose 20 million yen given as trial, then she demands for rematch, and gives a condition if she loses, they can take her finger and toes nails.

The whole story revolves around Yumeko and gambling match and situation where Yumeko deals with them in her style.

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