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Amol Palekar

Actor, director, and producer Amol Palekar. Amol Palekar was born in Mumbai on 24 November 1944. Palekar is well-known for his work in the movies ‘GolMaal & ‘Chhoti Si Baat’.

Amol Palekar: Early Life

With his unmatched acting abilities and distinctive appearance, this multifaceted Indian actor, Amol Palekar dominated his time. On 24 November 1944, in Mumbai, Amol was born into a middle-class household to Kamlakar & Suhasini Palekar. Amol Palekar’s mother was employed by a private corporation, and Palekar’s father is a former General Post Office employee. Unnati, Rekha, and Neelam are Amol Palekar’s three sisters. Palekar had worked for the Bank of India before entering the acting industry. Amol Palekar had a passion for social service. Palekar attended fine arts at the ‘Sir JJ School of Arts’ in Bombay and began his career as a painter.

Amol Palekar: Relationship Status

Chitra was Amol Palekar’s first wife. Amol Palekar married the author Sandhya Gokhale after his divorce. Amol Palekar has two children.

Amol Palekar: Career

Palekar has seven solo exhibits over his career as an artist in addition to taking part in a number of group exhibitions. Amol Palekar has been involved in Marathi & Hindi theater since 1967 as a director, performer & producer. Amol Palekar appeared in the Marathi movie ‘Samaantar’ in 2009. Amol Palekar portrayed the ‘kid next door’ on film, and Amol Palekar has won 3 Filmfare & six State awards for best actor.

Palekar launched Marathi experimental theater with Satyadev Dubey. In 1972, Amol Palekar founded his own group, Aniket. In the 1974 films ‘Rajnigandha’ & ‘Chhoti Si Baat,’ directed by Basu Chatterjee, Palekar was cast as an actor. Unexpectedly, these middle-class comedies were huge successes.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee & Basu Chatterjee both directed a number of Palekar movies. In 1982, Palekar appeared in the Malayalam film ‘Olangal,’ playing the part of Ravi. The Marathi movie ‘Aakriet’ was helmed by Palekar. The multifarious persona provided the vocal for an animated software tutorial for HIV/AIDS education that was created by an Organization called TeachAIDS.

Amol Palekar: Physical Appearance

Amol is 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighs 65 kg. Amol Palekar has dark eyes. & Salt & Pepper hair color.

Amol Palekar

Amol Palekar: Net Worth

Amol Palekar enjoys a luxurious way of life. Amol Palekar’s primary source of revenue for his net worth is film, with advertisements, television series, and other sources making up his secondary income. The estimated net worth of Amol Palekar is 5 million dollars.


  • Amol Palekar’s filmo
  • graphy includes roles in Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, & Kannada.
  • Palekar has produced and directed numerous TV shows and motion pictures.
  • The 1969 Marathi movie ‘Bajiraocha Beta’ starred Amol.
  • Palekar appeared in the 1974 movie ‘Rajnigandha’.
  • Amol contributed to the 1975 film ‘Jeevana Jyoti’.
  • Amol has experience in the fine arts and has taken part in many collaborative painting exhibitions.
  • In 1960, Palekar wed Chitra Palekar, a writer.
  • Amol and Chitra divorced in 2001.
  • After that, Amol Palekar wed lawyer Sandhya Gokhale.
  • Shyamalee and Samiha are two of Amol’s daughters.

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