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Narumi Hikizuri

The weird Hikizuri Siblings; Narumi’s Boyfriend, additionally titled Sleuth youngsters: the second Daughter’s Lover, is the fourth chapter from quantity thirteen of the Horror international of Junji Ito collection, The Circus is here.


Kotani receives a phone call from his former classmate Narumi Hikizuri, who tells him she plans to commit suicide using jumping off a bridge close to his home. He is going to the bridge to meet her and communicate with her it. Narumi says that existence at domestic together with her siblings has turned out to be intolerable; they have been on their own because their dad and mom died several years ago. Kotani permits Narumi to stay with him for some time.

The Hikizuris’ eldest son Kazuya is now the pinnacle of the circle of relatives and takes care of the others: Kinako, Shigorou, Narumi, Hitoshi and Misako. Kazuya is disenchanted at Narumi’s disappearance, accusing her of being egocentric and seeking to make him fear. He wishes the whole own family to look for her. in the meantime, Kotani is becoming bored to death with Narumi, who’s lazy, untidy and wastes his cash. He attempts to invite her to leave however she threatens suicide again, forcing him to permit her to live. Shigorou spots Narumi on Kotani’s balcony and drags her again to the Hikizuri residence.

Narumi is irritated to have been added back to her family. Kazuya decides that Kotani ought to be punished for seducing Narumi, and their own family argues over what to do with him. Narumi declares that she cannot take any more and goes to kill herself; she goes out to the lawn and sets herself on the hearth in front of her siblings. Kotani hears the information and is quite upset even though he is aware that he ought to be relieved she’s long passed.

Shigorou tells Kotani that Narumi left a suicide note about how Kotani broke her heart. He insists Kotani come to the Hikizuri house to pay respects. The Hikizuris have placed Narumi’s charred corpse on a futon, and insist he makes amends for her loss of life using spending the nighttime at the futon along with her. They pressure him onto the futon, accidentally knocking off Narumi’s head. Kotani is horrified but the Hikizuris wrap him in the futon and roll him around, insisting he has to go through for what he’s done. Kotani in the end manages to get out of the futon and runs thru the residence trying to get away. As he runs down a hallway, he sees Narumi’s status on the cease; inflicting him to have a heart assault and drop dead from the shock.

The Hikizuris discuss what to do with Kotani’s body, and blame Narumi. it’s far found out that she wasn’t lifeless in any respect and her “frame” turned into just a model that she set on fire alternatively. They decide to bury Kotani with the model, and from now on the Hikizuri siblings will live in peace collectively. Narumi says she cannot agree with the idea she was ever extreme about killing herself.

Narumi Hikizuri

Within the manga, readers were delivered to the Hikizuris in Narumi’s Boyfriend which focused on Narumi Hikizuri as she tries to escape the circle of relatives. She comes across an old classmate named Kotani and tells him she plans to stop her life over returning domestic, so he is taking her in. While her siblings catch wind of this even though, they plot an uncongenial trick after forcing her domestic to prevent him from ever speaking to her. They make him believe that she did die via suicide and try and scare him off for correct by using rolling him up in a futon with a faux burnt corpse. While he comes across the actual Narumi whilst strolling away, he dies of a coronary heart assault to end one of Ito’s maximum nightmarish stories.

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