Everything You Wanna Know About One Piece Sir Crocodile

The ‘Desert King’ Sir Crocodile, formerly known as ‘Mr. 0,’ served as the organization’s mystery crime syndicate’s president. Nico Robin, previously recognized as “Miss All Sunday,” served as the organization’s vice president and business partner. He served as the Arabasta Arc’s main opponent, the Arabasta Saga’s core antagonist, and the Impel Down Arc’s supporting character throughout the Summit War Saga.

Crocodile is among the longest-running and most notable series’ main antagonists because he was the first to deliver Luffy a total and utter defeat. He was initially presented as one of the 7 Warlords of the Sea, but after attempting to seize power in the kingdom of Arabasta, he lost his title.

Sir Crocodile: Appearance

Crocodile is indeed a tall man with broad shoulders, powerful arms and legs, a strong neck, and a big chest. He has light complexion and black hair that is carefully pulled back to his nape, yet during combat, strands sometimes fall across his face. Among Crocodile’s many battle scars are a lengthy stitched scar that spans the width of his face as well as a sizable hook made of a sturdy gold alloy that stands in for his left hand. He has heavy lidded, deep-set eyes, and the centre of his thin eyebrows is always drawn up. Crocodile typically speaks in a deep, laid-back tone while puffing on a substantial cigar made by his business. His skin appears to be rather grey in the anime (Sir Crocodile).

His attire is designed to evoke the persona of an Italian gang leader. Crocodile’s original outfit had a neon orange, black-striped button-up jacket over a long-sleeve peachy shirt (which was white in the manga & One Piece- Pirate Warriors series), a blue scarf, deep brown suit pants, and shiny black shoes along with gold buckles.

Sir Crocodile
Legend of Sir Crocodile

In addition, he had a long, thick, heavy pelted fur coat over his shoulders that varied in colour according to the setting (totally deep green in the manga & One piece- Pirate Warriors, dark grey with ordinary grey fur accent in the anime, & deep green with light green accent in Movie 8.

Sir Crocodile: Personality

Crocodile has self-assurance and is certain of his skills and abilities. In battle, he frequently laughs arrogantly while smirking and playing with the weaker foes. However, he grossly misjudged Luffy’s willpower as a result of his overconfidence, which ultimately contributed to his downfall. His readiness to kill reveals his heartless character, and he has no qualms about putting someone else to death.

Sir Crocodile
Facts to about Sir Crocodile

In addition, he has a very short temper and gets upset easily if someone makes fun of him. He has a tendency of criticising people despite having a poor tolerance for being insulted, and he regularly used the term “worthless” to describe his adversaries’ hopeless endeavours, however he ought to have adjusted this practise a little since facing Luffy (Sir Crocodile).

He expresses no emotional attachment to anyone. None of Crocodile’s subordinates are emotionally cared for by him. He completely intends to sacrifice them in order to fulfil his goals. It has been established that crocodiles have almost little sense of honour. He has shown an incredibly cynical and arrogant attitude, utterly disdaining the romantic pirate lifestyle, and declaring that all the ideals that the title of Pirate King previously stood for are now of no significance to him. Crocodile already has a compassionate side towards animals, as evidenced by the use of one umbrella for a dog & sand for birds. His distinct laugh begins with the letter “Ku” (Ku Hahahaha!). In the anime, he often laughs more slowly than one would anticipate, with his “hahaha”s occasionally turning into “ah-ah-ahs.”

Strengths And Powers

The fact that Crocodile was able to command Baroque Works while having the World Government entirely in the shadows about what he was doing & presenting himself as a champion in the eyes of the populace speaks volumes about his intelligence and cunning. In addition, he is adept at developing nearly perfect plans and picking up on details that other people would miss.

He has a reputation for drawing the right conclusion from scant data. The whole Alabasta Saga is evidence of Crocodile’s planning and deceitfulness.

He has a lot of experience from his time as a sailor, and from his command of his Logia-type talents, he seems to comprehend Devil Fruits better than other people. Crocodile is strong enough to be acknowledged by the Global Government as a former Warlord.

Dark Fruit

Crocodile devours a class in logic Sand-Sand Fruit, Devil Fruit He has the ability to transform into sand. He has the ability to convert rocks, dirt, & trees into sand and to absorb moisture from his foes. Physical strikes are worthless against him because he is a Logia (Sir Crocodile.


  • The use of Devil Fruit rendered Crocodile incapable of swimming, making him susceptible to drowning.
  • Seastone: Due to its capacity to lock devil fruit powers, seastone would impair Crocodile just like it would other Devil Fruit users.
  • Any supply of liquids is one of the Crocodile’s worst weaknesses. Anyone who is drenched in liquid, such as blood and water, cannot escape Crocodile’s attacks because he turns solid when splashed. In addition, he is immobile.
  • Crocodile has a valuable weakness, which Emporio Ivankov was aware of during their first confrontation and would have divulged if Crocodile had betrayed Luffy & Ivankov.
  • Crocodile is susceptible to users of Armament Haki even though typical physical attacks are worthless against him due to Jozu’s strikes.

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