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Kingcore Aesthetic

Let’s learn Kingcore

Kingcore is a subgenre of Royalcore that emphasizes the strength and iconography of kings as they are depicted in history, culture, and literature. Kingcore serves as a more sophisticated variation of Princecore, much like Queencore is just like Princesscore. Although kings are typically perceived as evil beings, themes of power, violence, & conquest are more frequently encountered here, however this is not always the case in literary or historical works.

What Does It Take To Be A King?

Kingcore Aesthetic: The regimented lifestyle that kings lead is what makes them unique. Kings speak with great weight and great power, therefore they are very careful what they say. Despite having mouths, Kings are silent. Instead, Kings talk because it is necessary and the situation calls for it. Kings serve as role models. This is as a result of the time Kings have invested in developing their life in various fields of human endeavor. A king is revered everywhere and at all times. A king is a judge, a decision-maker, and a representative of his subjects. A king’s responsibility as a decision-maker calls for him to carry out his duties with clear judgment and without the aid of alcohol or other addictive substances that can cause him to act inappropriately.

Kingcore Aesthetic

Kingcore aesthetics are demonstrated by fortitude, direction, talent & endurance. Adopting a Kingcore aesthetic could make someone the group’s leader. In order to demonstrate that they are deserving of their title & position, they conduct themselves to better expectations. Without assurance and examples of effective leadership, the Kingcore vibe would be lacking. It is not advisable to adopt a different strategy and draw inspiration from evil kings because doing so could come across as egotistical, uncaring, and unconcerned with others.

Kingcore On Architecture

Kingcore Aesthetic

Kingcore’s visual references can be drawn from a wide range of historical periods and mediums. Any updated twist can be inspired by these photographs. Visuals can include everything from artwork to architecture.

Media Portrayal Of Kingcore

Patriarchal characters in shows and films that focus on hierarchy, particularly those focused on kingdoms, can serve as inspiration. Hues can be toned down for a more somber look, while CEOs and evil king figures can serve as inspiration. Modern styles can be greatly influenced by this aesthetic. It frequently crosses over with other aesthetics, especially those that are darker and more fey, such as Woodland Goth, Dark Fairy Core & Forestpunk. In contrast to Princecore, it is nearly never worn by ladies but is occasionally seen by males outside of ballet & theater.

Inspirations For Kingcore Aesthetic

History can be directly referenced in fashion, or it can be modernized. Historical people like King Gustav IV can serve as real-life models for a more traditional approach, or personalities like ‘King Philippe of Belgium’ & ‘King Mswati III of Swaziland’ might serve as examples for a more contemporary approach. ‘King ‘Joffrey from Game of Thrones’, ‘King Henry II from Reign, and ‘King Henry from The Tudors’ are just a few fictional examples. Long sleeves, richer or darker colors, exquisite needlework, and metal and gem embellishments are staples.

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