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French nails

Introduction to French nails

They are those nails, which are manicure well and where conventionally a band of generally the white polish across the tip of the nail is applied which contrasts with the clear, pale or a nude polish on the rest of the nail.

How are French nails designed?

The first step for creating a French nail, is to prepare the nail base, which includes cutting the nail, removing the cuticles, shaping the nails- almond, square etc.

The next step is adding the base color if asked for, which is usually a nude shade – peach or pink, but if the base color isn’t demanded for then the natural nails can work too.

Then the most important part in the process begins. The tips! The tips of the nail are painted. For this, the outline on the inner side of the nail is drawn and then the space is filled with the nail paint of choice. Ta- da! the French tips are ready to stun.

The last step of the process is to add the top coat on the prepared nail art. The top coat protects the nail art and adds reflective properties to the nail. The French nails are now finally done.

Why wear French nails?

The French nails look very simple and yet super classy. They literally ooze elegance. The overall look of these nails is quite compatible with every occasion and outfit. The French nails are very trendy since they are easy to wear and maintain. They don’t look very extravagant so it’s an everyday wear too, but they also don’t look vague, they can be worn on wedding too, which proves their versatility.

The nails

The French nails have conventionally been nude bases with white tips, but with the strides fashion industry has took so many things have changed and still keep changing. The French nails basis remains the same though, that the nails are made up of two parts – the base and the tips. Although the tips thickness now differs depending on one’s preference; the width can be thin strips or thick tips.

The tips width ain’t the only part affected with the changing preferences. But the experimenting nature of the human minds has also experimented with the colors on the tips. The tips ain’t restricted to being white in color today, the tips differ in color from season to season, and also for the purpose of wearing it. The tips can be colored blue for winters and brown for the fall, or the tips can be painted with glitter or foil is the occasion demands so.

French nails

The colors than again took another twist where the colors of the tis turned to different designs. The entire nail was still kept nude or unpainted whereas the tip is painted with different designs, for instance- mosaics, animal prints, checked nails etc.

Also not only the tips are designed, but the nail also has a pinch of it. The nail can have butterflies, snowflake, hearts, lightening etc on it.

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