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Red sequin dress

The red sequin dress is a fashion statement in itself. It has been in trend for a long time now ,and doesn’t seem to be fading out anytime soon. The two elements of this dress- red and sequin both together make up a combination like no other, making the dress look so extra-ordinary , bright and remarkably fascinating. 

The Red sequin dress

The colour red represents strong, fierce and bold personality traits. Also, it is so noticeable and chic. The colour is also perceived as holy in our country. The best element about the colour is how it make you stand out in a room full of people. The red is very eye catching and bright, thus leaves a noticeable impression.

The Sequin: Red dress

The sequin is the second element in the dress which adds all the bling and glamour to it. The sequin is a material which has shiny attachment generally in circular plates, very small in size, one after the other which makes the fabric shine throughout. The brilliance of the fabric is how it reflects light and makes it all sparkly. Sequin is also a bold choice and thus speaks as a mark of uniqueness.

Glamour and the dress: Red sequin dress

The red sequin dress is often seen being worn by many celebs. Be it the red carpet, award shows, reality shows, movie promotions, birthday parties, parts in a movie, casual dates, or special occasions the celebs also find is  as their go- to dress. Not only female celebrities tend to favour sequin dresses but even male celebs lean toward sequins when it comes to designing fancy blazers and party wear sets. Recently , on the occasion of the Indian producer Karan Johar’s 50th birthday bash, he wore a sequin blazer.

Globalised trend

Red sequin dress

Red sequin dress is something anyone can find in any brand and in countless designs. The dress is a global backbone for celebs, influencers , want to be prom-queens and birthday girls too. Although the  wearability of the dress is immeasurable. The dress has the stylish appeal and can be sexy and cute at the same time.

The fabric is genderless, even more the lgbtq community favours the sequin far often. The sequin as stated earlier is a bold choice and makes you outstanding, this trait is very appealing and contenting to people of all genders. It is ageless too, children and adults both wear red sequin.

The red sequin dresses are not only restricted to glamourous gowns but there is a variety of clothing seen in the same. Sequin short dresses, skirts, blazers, tops, camisoles, pants and even ties are made out of it. These can be paired with different sort of trousers , jeans and bottom wear can be paired with simple tops and spaghetti tops.

The dress is so heavy and blingy in itself that jewellery isn’t very necessary. Though these can be wore with simple jewellery and bags. Statement hairstyle go hand in hand with the dress, since it gives the person even more different and strong look.

Red sequin dress on Pinterest

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