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Instagram Aesthetic

Instagram Aesthetic: Aesthetics are crucial on a network like Instagram, which emphasises visual content. The visual appeal of your Instagram page impacts the first impression visitors get of your business. So, it can be the most important factor in whether they decide to stick with you or depart. Also, you require a distinctive Instagram aesthetic in a world where millions of people are producing captivating visual material.

Yet, developing an Instagram aesthetic requires some preparation and work. In this article, we explain to you the steps of developing an eye-catching Instagram aesthetic that captures users’ attention right away and distinguishes your brand. These days, your Instagram feed essentially serves as a combined CV, portfolio, and website.

A compelling Instagram aesthetic may make the distinction between a visitor clicking follow or tapping away when you only have a few seconds to present yourself and explain your worth.

Create your brand

Your Instagram aesthetic allows your audience to get a feel of what you are and what defines your brand unique without having to click on a single post. Thus, identifying your brand is an essential first step. You might have started this step with your website, logo, or physical presence, but you’ll have to adapt your brand to Instagram in a style that appeals to your target market. Creating your brand’s design becomes automatic when you know to whom your content is meant to speak. Many brands’ Instagram aesthetics are influenced by different considerations.


It’s now time to decide which graphics would best convey your brand’s personality. Although this doesn’t have to be a meticulous process, having a general notion of the brand style you want to uphold will help you when developing your Instagram aesthetic. For instance, you might link your brand personality with a clear, bright, and simple visual identity if it is elegant and understated. On the other side, a rich and opulent visual identity may go better with an elegant and exclusive brand personality. Similarly, a lively and inventive brand personality may be defined by a colourful and striking visual identity. In the meanwhile, you could do better to link a soft and pleasant visual design to a calm and grounded brand personality.

Instagram Aesthetic

Be mindful of colour

The single most crucial element in developing a distinctive Instagram look for your brand is colour. According to research, colour has an 85% impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. In addition, colour boosts brand recognition by 80%.

The influence of colour may be used in a variety of ways to create your Instagram aesthetic. Use the colours of your existing brand if you currently own a website, logo, and a profile on other online communities.


Next, decide the typefaces you want to use for Instagram Stories, text overlays, and text posts. Your brand font should appropriately express your brand personality, just like your colour scheme does. Also, be sure to specify where to use particular typefaces. This implies that you need define which fonts to use for the body and which for the headings.

Your team will find it simpler to swiftly produce text-based content that complements your brand’s Instagram look if these fonts are predefined. Also, it will enable you to preserve a unified visual brand throughout your Instagram content.

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