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Leonardo DiCaprio Aesthetic

Astonishing performances and unrelenting bravery have helped Leonardo DiCaprio, the artist, the legend, and the myth, rule Hollywood. The actor recognised for pushing the boundaries of his acting  and for the versatility of his roles is renowned throughout the world for his mellifluous fashion: iconic and sleek on the Red Carpet, casual during the days off (tracksuits and baseball caps are his official uniform), but it is undoubtedly the looks he sports that make

Leonardo DiCaprio Aesthetic looks over the years.

Teen DiCaprio

Before Dicaprio became well-known, he was a tenacious teenager who starred in children’s television. The young actor was chosen to play Garry Buckman in Parenthood, a short-lived series based on the Ron Howard film of the same name, in the early 1990s. Leo’s visage was broadcast into living rooms throughout America for only one season, and he was most famously seen wearing stonewashed denim, vintage-inspired plaid, and a camouflage overshirt. Although it wasn’t his own wardrobe, it displayed the budding fame in its infancy.

Romeo Juliet

The Baz Luhrman-directed movie has become a masterpiece. Young Leonardo is wandering. Reciting William Shakespeare’s masterpiece of drama in a setting that is at once real and fantastical, poised between the past and the present. In keeping with the director’s philosophy (famous for his precise scenic language), Kym Barret, the creator of the iconic Matrix looks, created the costumes for the movie. The character of Romeo, with Hawaiian shirts worn with cargo pants, a Prada suit, and oversized jackets, is a landmark of the 1990s.

Golden Globes: Leonardo DiCaprio Aesthetic

At  the Golden Globes, Leo had emerged as American cinema’s new idol after Gilbert Grape, which was hailed a critical hit, and had amassed a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination in the process. Leo arrived at his first Globes in early 1994 sporting a red carpet ensemble that is still his most showy. Leo broke dress regulations by wearing a monk-neck shirt instead of a bow tie with his extremely wide-lapelled tuxedo jacket and checkered waistcoat. It fit in nicely with his public image as the new kid on the block: roguish and prepared to take chances, whether or not it was an intentional style statement.

THE AVIATOR: Leonardo DiCaprio Aesthetic

DiCaprio plays Howard Hughes, a millionaire with a love of aviation and suiting, in this period drama set between 1930 and 1940. The character’s fashion ranges from military-vintage (leather aviator jacket worn with a pricey Italian suit and pants tucked into boots) to the swanky playboy millionaire look, which includes fitted suits and silk ties. A must-have is the traditional Round Metal Ray-Ban. Sandy Powell, the movie’s stylist, won an Academy Award for creating such realistic clothes.


Leonardo DiCaprio Aesthetic

The last time we saw him in a movie, he played Rick Dalton, an actor who was nearing the end of his career and desperately trying to ride the success wave back to success. The fashion of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is an accurate depiction of that era in Hollywood. The distinctive clothing of Dalton includes a brown leather jacket, a turtleneck (yellow, red, or beige), high-waisted pants, and camperos.

Oscars, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio attended the 2016 Academy Awards in a sharp Giorgio Armani tuxedo, twenty years after receiving his first Oscar nomination as a teen and with six nominations to his credit. He was awarded Best Actor that evening for his performance in The Revenant.

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