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Introduction: Narcos Meme

If you are an active user of social media, you must have come across memes. Memes are extremely popular, and they are made with different pictures, videos or small clips found on the internet. Although memes are usually always aimed at making people laugh, they aren’t necessarily only made with funny elements. The reason why people like memes so much is because they often find relativity in it, which makes it more and more popular (Narcos Meme).

Just like how there are millions of memes featuring emotions like happiness, excitement, tiredness and so on, there are also tons of memes that are made to express sadness or interpret the way you feel in such a situation. One of the most popular memes featuring that very emotion is the Narcos meme.

What is the Narcos Meme?:

This meme is actually known as Pablo EscobarWaitingor the Sad Pablo Escobar meme. It is a multi-panel meme featuring the character of Pablo Escobar from the popular Netflix series Narcos. In that, you can see him blankly staring into the distance in three different screen captures from the series.

Narcos Meme

This meme is made to represent boredom, sadness and anticipation.

Origin of This Meme: Narcos Meme

This meme has been created with pictures clicked from the hit Netflix series Narcos. On 2nd September, 2016, Netflix announced the second season of this series, which is based on the life of infamous cartel leader Pablo Escobar.

Sad Pablo Escobar meme

The actor who played the character of Escobar in this series in Wagnor Moura.

Sad Pablo Escobar meme

On 8th October, 2016, an anonymous meme generating page released a three-panel template of Escobar sitting with a forlorn look at his table, on a swing at the park and with the same look, standing by the lake side.

Virality and Usage of This Meme:

Nowadays it is very easy for memes to become popular on the internet, especially when the meme is relatable. Similarly, this meme also quickly became popular on social media, with people using it to express their impatience, boredom and anticipation.

  • A lot of people have shopped from online websites like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart. Everytime we finish placing an order for the things we need, we reluctantly have to wait for several days for our package to arrive. This meme perfectly interprets our situation.
Sad Pablo Escobar meme
  • Performing well in school is important, but a lot of us just really don’t like studying. Unfortunately, that has consequences which this meme can accurately portray.
Sad Pablo Escobar meme
  • In current times, we are constantly under stress, mainly which comes from hectic work schedule, academic stress and irregular work-life balance. Unfortunately, because of that, people are getting diagnosed with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression in high amounts. A lot of times we cope with our poor mental health with humour. So if you’re having a bad day, hopefully this meme will help you feel a little better.
Sad Pablo Escobar meme
  • There are lots of talented actors in the world, but sometimes the actors who are casted for a particular role become such a great fit for the job that we forget the real person the story is based on.
Sad Pablo Escobar meme

Now you know everything behind one the most popular memes on the internet. There are so many memes made with this template, but you can also bring out the funny side in you and make your own.

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