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Karolina Bacia

Karolina Bacia Introduction

Karolina Bacia is an amazing and a very talented actress. Karolina was born on12th of November in the year 1990. Karolina Bacia is currently 32 years old as of 2023. She is based out of Poland and is famous for her roles in Polish movies and tv series. Scorpio is the star sign of Karolina Bacia.

Karolina Bacia Physical Appearance

Karolina is absolutely gorgeous. Karolina Bacia has blonde hair, she sometimes changes her hair color to grey, dark brown and also burgundy. She has fair skin and grey colored eyes. She weighs around 60 kg. Karolina Bacia’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches. She has bright pink colored lips and her shoe size is UK 6.

Karolina Bacia Childhood

Karolina was born and raised in Poland. It is known that she loved playing with dolls as kid and dreamed of being a fairy princess. After completing high school, she realized that she had talent for acting and pursued that dream. Her hard work and motivation in her childhood period played a big part in who she has become now.


Karolina Bacia is an extremely talented actress but unfortunately she likes to keep her life very private so we don’t have information about the identity of her parents because it is not available. She did mention in an interview that her parents supported her a lot through out her journey of becoming an actress and that she adores and loves them a lot.


As said above Karolina Bacia is a very private person and the existence of her sibling is still very unknown. It seems that she does not want the media to know about family because then like most celebs they might get involved in random controversies. After all being famous also has some downsides. It is her personal choice and we will update you if we get any kind of information.


Karolina Bacia is a very talented actress and she has proven her talent by doing amazing acting in films like M jak milosc where she played the role of Kasia in 2015, she is also famous for Papiery Na which is a tv series which started in the year 2021, here she plays the role of Zaneta. She is also very known for her work in Chylka which was released in 2021, in Chylka she played the role of a woman named Joanna.

Social Meida

Karolina Bacia is very much active on Instagram. She has a whopping 63 thousand followers and she follows around 400 people from her profile. Her Instagram handle is “costampoangielsku.” Her bio just says “actor.” She posts photos of her modelling and travelling to different places.

Net Worth

Karolina Bacia

Karolina has recently got very famous for her amazing roles and she has been getting a lot of movie offers and chances to be part of many series. Her net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around 2 million US dollars.

Facts & Trivia

  • Karolina loves to read in her free time.
  • Karolina’s favorite cuisines are British cuisine and Italian cuisines.

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